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It is on the radiant hills of Sicilia where we carefully select the best lemons in the world to bring you their rich aroma and intense taste. These are the same lemons Russell & Co used to export for their original recipe in 1887. The freshness and bitterness of the fruit create a perfect mixer for your cocktails based on gin, vodka or rum, or can be appreciate by itself. ​

lemon bitter russell and co drinks


Carefully blended, using earthy Nigerian Ginger extract, our Old Fashioned Ginger Beer was inspired by Josiah Russell’s original recipe. His was alcoholic, this one is instead made for mixology. Its fiery flavour welcomes a strong companion in cocktails or is delightfully spicy alone. Slightly cloudy, slightly sweet. ​
tonic water russell and co drinks


From the Nordic regions to the crates of the port of Rotterdam, Russell & Co. imports a specific plant named angelica archangelica. Its botanical properties have been widely used for medicinal beverages and to flavour liquors such as aquavits. We incorporate it in our recipe to bring a gentle juniper aroma to counterbalances the bitterness of the quinine.​


We brought back the original recipe of the vibrant golden Ginger Ale, first invented by the American doctor Thomas Cantrell. At the opposite of the widespread dry version, which is softer and pale, our recipe has a strong ginger spice flavour with a dark coloured enveloppe. The burst of ginger essence will be a perfect choice for your highball cocktails.

Lovely to drink just pure, with a bit of ice! But Josiahs combinations also makes the perfect mix of ingredients for your high class cocktails.

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